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The Geekcast #418 – Caseen Gaines Interview

On today’s show we interview Caseen Gains, the author of “We Don’t Need Roads: The Making of the Back To The Future Trilogy.” We geek out, pose trivia and have an awesome time. The book is available everywhere. Learn more at www.caseengaines.com.

The Geekcast #417 – We Delve Into Selfie Sticks

  News   Google’s standalone Photos service is reportedly almost here   For some time now, Google has been working to split off its terrific photo backup and enhancement service from the rest Google+, and it sounds like the fully standalone version of Google Photos is nearly ready. Bloomberg is reporting that the company is […]

The Geekcast #416 – Armor Fit iPhone Case Review

  News   IMEO TEAMS UP WITH HASBRO STUDIOS TO BRING COMPLETE HASBRO CLASSIC COLLECTION TO VIMEO ON DEMAND   Vimeo today announced a collaboration with Hasbro Studios to offer digital collections of classic animation series from the Hasbro Classic Collection, including fan favorites Transformers: Generation 1 and Jem – both available now on Vimeo […]

The Geekcast #415 – MadCatz TE Arcade Fight Sticks Review

  News Geek this Week   Aaron – Silicon Valley   Gozer – Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Ant Man & Jurassic World Trailers. Fuckin’ Daredevil on netflix Review: Mortal Kombat X & MadCatz TE 2 Arcade Fight Sticks   On the radar   Gozer – Avengers: Age of Ultron   Aaron – New Offspring […]

The Geekcast #414 – Dropcam Review

  News   CBS’ internet TV service is now available on Roku   CBS’s internet TV service is arriving on Roku today. For $5.99 a month, Roku owners will be able to subscribe to CBS All Access, which gives subscribers streams of many current and past CBS TV series and allows viewers to actually watch […]

The Geekcast #413 – Filters for iPhone Review

Amazon has invented tiny plastic buttons that allow for instant product ordering The company is rolling out new hardware today called the Dash button that promises to solve these scenarios. It’s a small physical button that you can stick wherever, and press when you want to order more of something. Need more diapers? Hit the diaper button. […]

The Geekcast #412 – Rhino Shield Crash Guard Review

  News   Nintendo Bringing Mario and Other Games to Smartphones and Tablets   Nintendo announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with Japanese mobile game maker DeNA to jointly develop games for smartphones, tablets and PCs, meaning that new titles based on iconic franchises such as Mario, Pokemon and Zelda could soon be available […]

The Geekcast #411 – Meerkat To The Future

  News   Apple Hotness   Watch & Macbook Geek this Week   Aaron – Meerkat, Rhino Shield Crash Guard   Gozer – Evolve & Bat in the Sun Batman vs. Darth Vader alternate ending & Jaboody Dubs How to: Transfer files between two macs via lightning bridge On the radar   Gozer – Ghostbusters […]

The Geekcast #410 – Pineapple Upside Dump Podcast

  News   SanDisk Announces 128GB iXpand Flash Drive and Updated Sync App With Touch ID   This week at mobile-focused technology show Mobile World Congress, SanDisk plans to announce a several updates to its line of iXpand Flash Drives and companion app, mainly focused on expanding storage space and enabling quicker and more secure […]

The Geekcast #409 – Save It For The Show

  News   Pebble Time Smashes Through $6.5M On Kickstarter In Half A Day   Early this morning, we noted that the Pebble Time — Pebble’s new color e-ink smartwatch — had smashed through its $500,000 goal in an absolutely preposterous seventeen minutes. We don’t generally do play-by-play updates on Kickstarter campaigns, but this one […]


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